Anasayfa / ENZO 3



The latest edition of the most successful competition wing in the history of paragliding brings a new level of glide performance to the world’s best pilots. The Enzo 3’s next generation profile has evolved over two years of R&D. It offers improved solidity, spanwise cohesion, comfort, glide performance, and a significantly higher top speed compared to the Enzo 2.

Enzo 3

The Enzo 3 retains many features of its predecessor, including the cell count, planform, and patented OZONE SharkNose concept but with an updated ultra-low-drag line plan. Most of all, our philosophy of True Performance remains a core tenet of this wing. Its performance in active air impressed the OZONE R&D Team during development; throughout the process of testing in the Southern Alps, and auditing competitions, the Enzo 3 has proven to be a significant step forward from the Enzo 2.

A blend of standard and light cloths optimise performance and durability. A 30D leading edge section is backed by the extensive use of Porcher 27g cloth. This combination now has several years of proven performance both in terms of longevity and sail characteristics.

The Enzo 3 is certified CCC and available in 6 sizes suitable for flying weights from 80kgs to 130kgs. It is a high performance wing designed for the world’s best pilots and, like the Enzo 2, requires a high level of piloting skills. If you are unsure, then we recommend the Zeno. Each order will be considered on an individual basis. If you feel that this wing is right for you, please have your local OZONE dealer contact us.

Cheers from all the Team, and we wish you all the best in competition and beyond.

Teknik Özellikler







Hücre sayısı

101 101 101 101 101 101

Uçuşta Alanı (m2)

16.2 17.2 18.6 20.1 21.7 22.6

Yerde Alanı (m2)

19.1 20.3 22.0 23.7 25.7 26.7

Uçuşta Kanat Açıklığı (m)

9.4 9.7 10.1 10.5 10.9 11.1

Yerde Kanat Açıklığı(m)

12.0 12.4 12.9 13.4 13.9 14.2

Uçuşta AR

5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5

Yerde AR

7.55 7.55 7.55 7.55 7.55 7.55

Kordo Uzunluğu (m)

2.0 2.05 2.14 2.22 2.31 2.36

Uçuş Ağırlık Limitleri (kg)

80-90 85-95 10-105 95-115 105-125 115-130
Kanat Ağırlığı (kg) 5.25 5.47 5.58 5.92 6.22  

EN / LTF Sertifikası