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The new DELTA 3 is a wing that Delta 2 pilots will love. Everything about the D2 that is good, has been made better. Our mission for the DELTA 3 was to take the handling and “Sport-Performance Class feeling” to new levels and increase the speed and glide performance, without increasing the aspect ratio. The result is a wing that feels more agile and efficient in active air or while thermalling, has noticeably increased performance, and is every bit as pleasurable to fly. The OZONE philosophy of True Performance can be felt in the D3 with every ascending carve and accelerated glide.


The DELTA 3 is designed for XC flying. It is Sport-Performance Class wing suitable for a wide range of pilots. Replacing the iconic DELTA 2, it is ideal for those stepping up from the EN B categories and for more experienced pilots who seek comfort and ease of use in the performance XC class. DELTA 2 pilots will feel comfortable immediately and appreciate the improved handling and more precise feel that the D3 delivers.


The DELTA series has an important legacy of performance, fun, comfort and stability in active air. We strived to make the DELTA 3 a very well-rounded wing, and we think the comfort and ease of use is still the best in class. The top speed has been increased and glide performance - particularly in accelerated flight – shows significant improvement throughout the speed range. We have paid special attention to the handling behavior of the DELTA 3, concentrating on the precision of the brakes, especially in the first part of the range to create an efficient, elegant, and agile climbing machine.


All of the groundbreaking technology that has kept our performance wings consistently at the top of competition rankings is present in the DELTA 3. The most recent evolution of our OZONE Performance Project arc is present, and the sail cohesion, both spanwise and chordwise, is better than the DELTA 2. The net result of this improvement in the DELTA 3 is apparent the moment you begin brake input. The early section of the control range is much more responsive, making micro-adjustments easier and improving thermalling performance significantly. The thermalling behavior of the DELTA 3 is unmatched in our experience, it is easy to place the wing exactly where it is required in the thermal for maximum efficiency with the nose staying high even during tight turns.


Through the many prototypes that the OZONE R&D Team tested during a three year development period, several ARs were experimented with. While the industry trend in this class of wing is to increase aspect ratio and squeeze the wing through EN tests, we decided to maintain the moderate and comfortable AR of the DELTA 2. This has benefitted everything from handling to safety. The performance improvements that we have achieved are the result of technological advancements in shaping, internal structure, and line drag reduction.


In thermals, the DELTA 3 excels. In light lift, the sensitivity allows you to center the core and feather the early part of the control range to stay in it. In strong air the DELTA 3 feels genuinely reliable, whether you are feeling Gs in a strong climb or pushing bar through the rough patches of a transition or long glide. The accelerated flight performance is significantly improved over its predecessor, and the gain is not just theoretical - it can be felt in XC conditions. The wing cuts through rough air creating lift through each patch of turbulence. Overall, this is a Sport-Performance Class wing for Sport-Performance Class pilots, and is a design that you can transition to, or move up to, confidently.


The DELTA series has always been about transitive change for us at OZONE. It is a part of our range that we are obsessed with, and we see it as a destination for Sport pilots and a Launchpad for Competition pilots. The DELTA 3 is more than a worthy successor and we think it will start new conversations about the subtleties of handling and glider behavior, while staying at the top of its class in terms of performance - particularly in real XC conditions. The long development process was worth it, and we are excited to hear what you think.

Teknik Özellikler







Hücre sayısı







Uçuşta Alanı (m2)

17.00 18.60 19.60 20.70 21.90 24.20

Yerde Alanı (m2)

20.00 21.90 23.10 24.40 25.90 28.50

Uçuşta Kanat Açıklığı (m)

8.67 9.06 9.31 9.56 9.85 10.33

Yerde Kanat Açıklığı(m)

10.97 11.46 11.78 12.11 12.47 13.08

Uçuşta AR

4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4 4.4

Yerde AR

6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0

Kordo Uzunluğu (m)

2.30 2.41 2.48 2.54 2.62 2.75
Kanat Ağırlığı 4.7 5.0 5.28 5.44 5.75 6.2

Uçuş Ağırlık Limitleri (kg)

58-70 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115 110-130
EN/LTF Sertifikası C C C C C C